Comtech Manufacturing is one of the first and most sought after valve manufacturers in the UAE, the Middle East, and other GCC regions. They have always ensured the production of the best and highest quality valves according to the given industry standards. Some of their main products on the same list are gate valve, sock valve, picking valve, butterfly valve, check valve, plug valve and special valves such as MOV, ESD, and LBV. All of these valves are manufactured following strict rules and international standards. All of their valves are designed with a class rating of 150 to 2500.

Free Zone Plant:

One interesting fact about the work ethic in Camtech is its Jebel Ali free zone plant. The plant is renowned for providing all the specialized services such as design, R&D, manufacturing, testing, marketing, and after-sales and after-sales services under one roof. It is worth noting here that taking care of all these services in one place (260,000 square feet) is a difficult task, and the management team at Camtech deserves all the credit for doing it right. CamTech serves a number of major industries, including pipelines, oil, gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, electricity, construction, refineries, water, and other process industries. In order to get the best result forward, Camtech employs a team of highly skilled professionals and sophisticated machines and technology. When it comes to their manufacturing sector, the stand-alone CNC engine and its associated subsystems help technically advanced valve-manufacturing units around the world.

Acknowledgments and Certificates:

Camtech Manufacturing is very strict about their work ethic and commitment to adopting international standards in the manufacturing industry, and that is the only reason they always look forward to bringing the best professionals with their business. In accordance with its stringent rules and work ethic, the company currently has a number of accreditations and certifications such as API, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS-18001, TR-CU. In addition to the manufacturing process, greater emphasis and attention has been paid to the quality testing and assurance process, and as a result, they are CE PED 2014/68 / EU, ATEX 94/9 / EC, GOST R-EAC & EAC Declaration-TR CU 032/2013, and SIL Some have received certificates such as. -3, etc.

Destructive and non-destructive testing:

In Camtech, all special valves are designed, designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the current international standards such as API, ASTM, ANSI, DIN, etc. Camtech has a large manufacturing plant where they perform their core functions such as services, destructive and non-destructive testing. When we examine the department with destructive tests, they are involved in a variety of tests, such as the Tensile Test, Impact Test, Brinnell, Vickers& Rockwell Hardness Tests. On the other hand, non-destructive testing involves ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle examination, dye penetration testing, and more. In addition, many tests, such as the ferrite check, come out of the plant and use services from approved laboratories.

Camtech – Around the World:

With its headquarters based in the United Arab Emirates, Camtech manufacturing has advanced globally in regions such as Asia, Algeria, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The company also has strong business relationships with some major forge masters and foundries. Although the company comes with advanced machinery and technology, their team of professionals is said to be the biggest contributor to their overall growth and development in the valve manufacturing industry. This is not just about the manufacturing process, these experts have contributed immensely to other key fields such as R&D, Testing, and Designing.